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drawkcab pastries
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Aug 24 09 - Looking back
it feels like I've missed out on a lot of things. Sometimes (a lot of times) I wonder if actsci is the major for me.. I mean,

looking at albums of friends' travels across the world is like ..wow, they're doing so much with their lives, where am i?
everytime I see Lee's art it's like UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH he's so much better I could be like that if only I applied to art school.
or when I think "Maria" and that she went to architecture.

or even if I drank in first year and partied in the basement.

or if I followed through with student exchange.

or if I tried harder to find job overseas.

or if I took the chance to travel.

hopefully someday I'll stop thinking "or if"
Apr 28 09(no subject)
As much as I love packing (I don't), packing 6 years of my life in the timespan of 1.5 days is a dream, and packing it in 1.5 days with procrastination is not going to happen.
Apr 24 09 - done
Apr 12 09 - Time again
for end of term, ie. exams!

I hate studying for exams cause I just procrastinate procrastinate.

...wouldn't mind some pastries tho. yum.
Mar 29 09 - It's been a while
So I was checking my hotmail account and read some emails from eons ago. I was so weird back then. Looking at myself now, I think: man I've changed.

Hopefully these changes are for the better.
Nov 26 08 - Christmas!
I'm absolutely filled with excitement right now - excitement for the holidays, for the snow, for the decorated trees on the sides of the street.

Of course, I've been watching seasonal movies like The Holiday and Love, Actually. But man! I can't help but be excited.

Here's to a good holiday to everyone (one month early)!
Oct 09 08 - emoemo beware
Lately I've been very unsatisfied and there's a sense of restlessness I can't quite fix. It's wearing me down slowly.

I went shopping today but there was no want to buy things.
I wish my roommates would stay in their rooms so I don't have to wait to use the washroom or kitchen.
I'm more forgetful now than ever.

Somethin' needs a fixin'.

Hopefully a trip to home and seeing friends will help.
Sep 10 08 - finally!
I have internet at home. It's great but also not because this means torrenting and time wastage -> no work done. Oops.

In other news, I'm taking German this semester through distance ed and it's ganna be hard. Listening to german makes me laugh.

Unfortunately, my roommate is smoking in the living room.
Aug 31 08 - It's been too long
So so I've been home for two weeks and no update?! Gasp.

In the past two weeks I've met up with a lot of people I haven't seen in semesters and it was great. Bowling was very fun and my broken nail is finally growing (albeit a bit slower than the rest). Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to test for my G so I can still delude myself into thinking I could've passed.

Hopefully I'll be getting a laptop soon (!!) but unless I get it today, the next probable date is Thanksgiving D:

Packing for my 4-month work term in Toronto is slow going. It boggles my mind how much stuff I take with me everytime I move so I've decided to take nothing that's not ESSENTIAL. I want a spartan lifestyle this semester. (I hmph at those of you who scoff at this.)

My dad's watching instructional videos of Go on the chinese equivalent of youtube.. Very interesting (not)!

That's all for now, updates forthcoming.
Aug 18 08 - Aha aha
I'm finally back home after a day of house-hunting in Toronto. It's decided that I will live in a mini pseudo-room in an apartment in the heart of Chinatown..

Coming home is always great cause there're goodies waiting in my room for me to discover:
1. Blood donor card! I'm A+
2. My name change!
3. Mail .. two of which had magnets in them...
4. Merchandise bought by my dear mother for me. I love getting stuff

Stopping on the way back at McDonald's, I recommended a double cheeseburger for my dad. He said "This is really good. Much better than I remembered" and I was very proud of his white-ness.
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